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Asus Reveals Its New ZenBook Laptops With Intel’s 11th-Gen Chips

New ZenBook units coming in hot!

Today Asus announced it has four new additions to its ZenBook laptops—the Zenbook S, ZenBook S Flip, ZenBook 14, and the ZenBook 15 Pro. All of these, except one, has Intel’s 11th-Gen Tiger Lake Core processors. 

Asus ZenBook S


The ZenBook S is considered the world’s thinnest and lightest 3.3K laptop that has a 13.9-inch IPS touchscreen (3300 x 2200) with a 3:2 aspect ratio. The ZenBook S is 15mm thick and weighs 2.9 pounds. It has two Thunderbolt 4 ports. And Asus boasts that it has a four-cell 67Wh battery, which can be quickly charged up to 60 percent in just 49 minutes.

The company says that, beyond being used to charge the laptop, the charging ports can connect to two 4K monitors or a 4K monitor and an 8K resolution monitor. For the rest of the specs, the ZenBook S has up to an 11th-Gen Core i7 processor with Iris X GPU, a 1TB PCIe 3.0 x4 M.2 SSD, and 16GB of RAM. This unit is expected to arrive in October. 

Asus ZenBook Flip S

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Asus claims that the ZenBook Flip S is the thinnest 2-in-1 laptop that supports an OLED screen in the world and the first Asus laptop to be verified on the Intel Evo platform. This model is similar to the ZenBook S’s style, but Flip S is slightly lighter weighing only 2.6 pounds, and has a more compressed 16:9 aspect ratio display. 

The Flip S can be configured with a 4K OLED 500-nit touchscreen or a 1080p IPS touchscreen. The “Flip” means you can use it as a standard laptop, or a tablet, stand, or tent modes. Similar to the ZenBook S, the Flip S specs go up to an 11th-gen Core i7, a 1TB SSD, and 16GB of RAM. ZenBook Flip S will also be released in October. 

Asus ZenBook 14

Asus ZenBook 14

The ZenBook 14 (UX435) is the world’s smallest 14-inch laptop with a ScreenPad. It weighs 2.6 pounds and is also powered by an 11th-gen Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce MX450 discrete GPU. Just like the other models mentioned above, the ZenBook 14 also comes with fast RAM and Thunderbolt 4 ports. 

Asus is also releasing a lighter version of the ZenBook 14 called the ZenBook 14 Ultralight, weighing in at only 2.2 pounds. It holds the same specs as the ZenBook 14, only lighter. These are expected to launch in November. 

Asus ZenBook Pro 15

Asus ZenBook Pro 15

Finally, the last to debut in the series is the Asus ZenBook Pro 15, which unfortunately wouldn’t be carrying Intel’s 11th-Gen processor. However, the ZenBook Pro 15 still has other highlights, including a six-cell 96Wh battery, support up to Intel’s Core i7-10750H processor with one Thunderbolt 3 port, and it comes standard with the Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics chip with support for up to the GTX 1650 Ti. 

The company claims the ZenBook Pro 15 is one of the smallest 15-inch laptops in the world that features an OLED display. It weighs 3.9 pounds and measures 17.8mm thick. These units will be launched in late October.