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Apple’s iPad Pro: The most expensive iPad might just be around the corner.

The newest and probably the most expensive iPad might just be around that corner! As the rumors spread fast, questions sure do come along with it. Can it keep up with the new M1 Macs? 


Last year, the 2020 iPad Pro arrived alongside when the pandemic happened. Likewise, this iPad Pro model didn’t have the significant processor upgrade that really made an impact. In fact, it’s nearly the same as the 2018 model. 

On the other hand, it brought along some new features and accessories. For example, it’s the first Apple product equipped with a depth-sensing lidar sensor and a Magic Keyboard case. Unfortunately, the case itself costs almost like buying an entry-level iPad. 

Here’s something interesting. The newest Mac computers are equipped with fast Apple M1 processors. These are advanced chips that were already installed in the previous iPad Pro. The question remains, What does Apple want to do with their tablets? 

So here’s what to expect with the rumored most expensive iPad Pro from Apple. 

Improved display 

The previous iPad Pro display is excellent. It delivers a 120Hz refresh rate that’s still not available with other iPhone and iPad models. However, shifting to an OLED or Mini LED kinda feels overdue. This is significant since the iPad Pro aims to serve graphic designers, photo editors, along with users who’re looking for the perfect displays. 

M1 processors (or something closer) 

While the A12Z processor remains fast, unfortunately, it doesn’t leave the 2018 A12X processor behind.  This proves that the A12Z used on the 2020 iPad Pro is long overdue. A significant improvement on the chip would do wonders for the new iPad Pro model. On the other hand, the best thing Apple can do is to use the new M1 chips on their high-end Pro tablet or something closer. 

5G connectivity  

It’s unfortunate that iPads don’t have 5G yet. Ever since 5G was introduced with the 2020 iPhones, it would make a lot of sense if Apple would offer 5G to the new iPad Pro models. Likewise, the company doesn’t have LTE support for its laptops. Fortunately, iPads have this option since the beginning. With that being said, 5G and mobile data are welcome additions that offer a lot of flexibility. 

Improved stylus

According to some reports, Apple might consider a new version for their Pencil stylus. This time, it might be more compact, or it could bring sand additional touch controls. Moreover, the second-generation Apple Pencil made its debut in 2018. This already has some stylus fragmentation. 

Front camera placement 

Let’s be honest, iPads are not great for landscape-based video conferences. This is mainly because of the front camera sitting on one side. As a result, conversations tend to look like you’re staring at a different place. 

On the other hand, since the pandemic happened, we’ve become accustomed to work and learn from home. When we do, iPads held sideways are not so welcoming. 


If Apple can manage to place M1 chips in the new iPad Pro, maybe they can do something with the OS to unleash the iPad’s software full potential. This will allow the iPad Pro to do the additional workload and will enhance its multi-tasking capabilities.