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Apple’s Final Cut Pro X Is Getting An Upgrade; New Tools And Better Performance

Good news, Apple fans. Final Cut Pro X video software is in for an upgrade. It got new tools and promises better performance for remote-collaborative tasks. 

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Apple just released a new update—it’s turning the consumer-focused video editing software, iMovie, remotely convenient. Thanks to its improved workflow system, working remotely becomes a breeze. 

This is convenient for workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. 

The new update is driven by a machine-learning feature that automatically crops vertical aspect ratios, just like Instagram and TikTok videos you play on your mobile phones. In addition, Apple includes major improvements and features, especially for widescreen footage. 

Wait, there’s more! Their most popular video-editing software, iMovie, is updated to version 2.2.10 on iPadOS, and iOS. On the other hand, Mac users will have the version 10.1.15. That said, the updates include improvements in terms of stability, bug fixes, and added filters. 

An added bonus! They’ve got three new filters, namely; Comic, Comic Mono, and Ink. However, on the macOS, you can get two more; the Comic Vintage and Comic Sepia. The mobile versions also have 25 new soundtracks. This includes different genres, from action, sentimental, and chill. 

What’s even fascinating, it automatically adjusts to fit the exact length of the movie you’re creating. But for Final Cut proxy files, it’ll work for small or low-resolution versions of video files. That means it will work for the basic timeline work for low-end laptops. 

Additionally, you can create proxies in H.264 or ProRes Proxy. This works best in dimensions up to 12.5 percent of the original. Moreover, the update allows you to create proxy-only copies in the library that you can share with other collaborators. 

The update allows Final Cut users to automatically crop or set custom aspect ratios. This allows the whole team to review the cropped items or view the content to make changes to their heart’s satisfaction. 

If you’re a savvy Final Cut user, we included a list of the important aspects of the upgrade. 

Newly improved proxy workflows

  • Produce proxy media capable of custom frame sizes ranges from ⅛, ¼, and full resolution.
  • Select from ProRes Proxy or H.264 proxy media
  • Pick either the original or optimized media if a proxy media is unavailable on some of your clips
  • Lets you create a proxy-only copy within your library to adjust the size for portability and performance
Optimized for easier social media content creation
  • Smart Conform allows you to transform projects for square and vertical delivery 
  • Transform Overscan allows you to display media outside Viewer when you adjust the scale, rotation, and position
  • Overlay lets you add an on-screen guide when you’re placing graphics and texts withing a vertical frame or a square
  • Duplicate Project As can be combined with Smart Conform to instantly create social media optimized versions for each project you’re creating
Other new features included in the update
  • Efficiently stabilize 360-degree videos using the one-click tools in the inspector
  • Allows you to adjust ProRes RAW camera settings like ISO, exposure offset, and color temperature in the inspector
  • You can use menu command or keyboard shortcut with on adjacent clips with Crossfade audio 
  • Close Project command allows you to clear project history. You can find it in the drop-down menu just above the timeline 
  • You can sort projects and clips by date in the list view
  • Lets you preview 360-degree stereoscopic 3D video simultaneously in both left and right eyes of using the 360-degree viewer