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2021 Apple Rumors For MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac Pro That Apple Fans Need To Know

With the exception of the new M1 MacBooks, what is Apple’s next plan? If you’re aiming for a 14-inch MacBook Pro or a new Mac desktop, you can expect Apple’s highly innovative culture to come up with new ideas. 


There are some exciting rumors going on the horizon. Despite the positive reviews of the new Apple M1-powered MacBooks, some Mac fans have decided to wait a little longer for the next generation of Apple-based chips. That’s mainly because of hopes that the next ones will be much better. 

While that might sound wise, that strategy won’t be beneficial, especially when dealing with tech. That said, the company known for its innovation is certain that they will update their two popular laptops with newer and far better M-series processors. Also, these chips are likely to become the benchmark for Apple computers in the future. 

So, what would these new features be? Rumors are everywhere, and they’re in every direction. That’s especially with the talks about the new Apple-based M1 chips. Unfortunately, just like the new tech products last year, the update is expected to have significant delays because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Next Mac Chip

The new M1 chip is Apple’s very own processor that was designed in-house. It offers efficiency of operation and faster speed that can match the Intel Core and AMD Ryzen laptops. That’s mainly because of its system on a chip or SoC technology. 

Just before the M1, chips for desktops and laptops have evolved very quickly. In fact, these chips are getting updated every year. That means, if Apple wants to keep up, they should have thought of the new refinement of their current M1. With that said, rumors are circulating that the next chip will be named “M1X” instead of “M2.”

Likewise, fans are expecting a few more CPU cores in the next chip. Rumors even pointed that the benchmark will be 12 CPU cores and eight graphics. That’s about eight times the power of the current design.  On the other hand, the M1 currently has four high-performance cores along with four high-efficiency cores. 

Whether the rumors are true or not, Apple remains silent about its future plan. In fact, it’s a true Apple culture. The company has remained silent with the details about the processors that they’re using for their products. That goes for the previous models and the new in-house designed M1 chip. 

While we don’t exactly know the M1’s clock speed, CPU Monkey, on the other hand, suggests that the current and incoming processor will have the same 3.2Ghz upper speed limit. In contrast, the more cores the processor has, the more power-hungry it gets. With that said, the benchmark suggests that the incoming M1X will require more than 45 watts of power at peak. 

What would the next-gen Macs look like? 

Rumors had it that the new Apple line of products will have significant updates this year. While desktops don’t need an overhaul, the classic iMac is expected to have a new design. That’s because it still uses the original design from more than a decade ago. 

Although the 27-inch iMac got an update thanks to its new Intel 10th Generation Core CPU, the iMac 21.5-inch entry-level version is already looking outdated. Likewise, both of these computers are expected to be replaced with the new design using the company’s own Pro Display XDR external monitor. 

The new models are expected to leave the thick bezels and eliminate or reduce the metal strips underneath. Fans are also expecting to change the curved back and choose the flat surface just like the Pro Display XDR. 

Apple fans are also expecting the next gen M1 processors will be used instead of the Intel system. Let’s just wait for it. In addition to the iMac update, Apple also plans to launch the new version of the MacBook Pro desktop. The Mac Pro will be aimed at creative professions with serious computing requirements. 

On the contrary, Apple will continue to offer their Intel version of the Mac Pro. They will do this while introducing their new Silicon version. This will ultimately reduce the size of the current desktop tower. 

Meanwhile, the Mac Pro is not getting the Apple silicon chip. This was confirmed by Apple as they plan to end their top-of-the-line AIO. They’re only waiting until the last supply. 

The new MacBooks 

The new MacBook Air and the 13-Inch MacBook Pro with M1 chips got so much recognition since it was released last year. That’s even the fact that if you set aside the new silicon chip, almost everything is left unchanged. On the other hand, Apple is planning to launch a new line of Mac laptops. 

This will include the 14-inch screen, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to MacRumors, Kuo writes that the company will announce two MacBook models. These new MacBooks will include a remodeled 16-inch and the new 14-inch laptop. 

Both of these laptops will have the next generation of Apple silicon chips. Likewise, they will be equipped with HDMI ports and SD card readers, Kuo said. 

In perspective, the company ditched these features in 2016 as motivated by their executive Phil Schiller. According to Bloomberg, the new Mac models will do away with the Touch Bar and opt for the narrow touch-enabled screen mounted just above the keyboard. 

Release date 

Although these new Macs are expected, they’re most likely not to be available sooner, even when Apple will launch their new products on April 20. The launch is expected to focus on their new mobile devices along with their accessories. 

Truth is, Apple fans will have to wait until the middle of the year to see if the rumors are true. In fact, the two new MacBook models were already scheduled for production in May or June. However, it was pushed back to the last quarter of 2021. 

With that said, the M1-powered Mac computers are but powerful. If you purchase them now, you won’t have to wait for the new ones to come out. But if you’ve already decided so, you might as well check the launching of new products that will be composed of a new iPad Pro, refreshed AirPods line, a new Apple TV, AirTags, and many more.