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11 Useful New Features Of iOS 14.3 That You Can Use Every Day

Apple’s latest update, iOS 14.3 comes with privacy, a home screen, workout service, and new camera features. But that’s not all, here are 11 useful new features that you can use every day. 


Last week, Apple released the new update to iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3. While it doesn’t bring many new features, some notable highlights offer important functionality to the iPhone and iPad. 

On the other hand, iPhone 12 Pro owners will have enough camera upgrades with ProRaw photos. It also comes with a subscription workout service with Fitness Plus. Of course, the update isn’t exclusive to the iPhone 12 only. It’s also compatible with other iPhone and iPad models. 

These new features follow the impressive capabilities that Apple brought along with the previous iOS 14 in September. For starters, it allows you to personalize your iPhone’s home screen with a custom app and placing new widgets. iPads have a Scribble feature that lets you use the Apple Pencil to write into any text field and let the device convert it into text. 

Here are iOS 14.3’s 16 new features that are useful for everyday life. 

New home screen features

Make sure to check out iOS 14.3’s App Library. It’s a warehouse of apps that aren’t used regularly. Moreover, the new home screen feature allows you to place widgets on the home screen. 

Apple offers developers the capability to create new widgets. This includes new styles that make Android apps a little bit on the jealous side. 

Lets you create customer Smart Stack widget

The new update lets you create your own pile of widgets using the same approach to create the app folder. The company even made it easier to create widgets than to decide which you want to include. 

Create your own app icons

Apple included new features to its Shortcuts app. This lets you make your own app icons and customize how you want your phone to look. If you don’t want the Apple Mail app icons, you can download the icon that you like to replace the ones that you don’t. Unfortunately, the whole process is somehow tiring. But if you want your home screen to look different, this feature is sure to be worth your while. 

App Clips lets you use apps without the need for installation

App Clips is more of a miniature app that lets you use a portion of the app’s full capacity. Yelp App Clip, for example, could show specific restaurant menu and business hours. That’s all. It only shows a portion of the app.

Raw photos are available for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max

iPhone-only photographers will surely love Apple’s ProRaw photo format. As the name implies, it allows users to take “raw” photography format but makes significant changes with no image degradation. 

Have your workout at home

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, gyms are closed or at a limited capacity. With that said, it becomes more important to do your workouts at home. Thanks to Apple’s Fitness Plus service, it lets users follow guided video workouts. Likewise, these workouts are released weekly, with a variety of options and all fitness levels. 


With the iOS 14 update, you can now add the picture-in-picture mode to your iPhone. This feature was once only available for the iPad for a couple of years. With this feature available on the iPhone, you can watch a video just by leaving the app and go back to the home screen to initiate the PiP. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t support YouTube. However, you can view the list of the apps installed on your phone once you go to Settings > General > Picture in Picture. 

AirPods Pro’s new feature 

With the iOS 14.3 update, iPhone and iPad devices aren’t the only ones getting a big update. The truth is, the AirPods Pro is getting a small firmware update called Spatial Audio. This requires your iPhone and iPad running on the latest iOS 14.3, of course. 

Some useful hidden features 

There are some amazing new features hidden in iOS 14. For example, a new back tap feature triggers a task with just a tap at the back. All-in-all, there are nine hidden features that you can find with the iOS 14 update. 

There’s a new privacy feature

iOS 14 is going the extra mile to keep your information secured. In fact, it’s Apple’s main objective. Moreover, there are new location sharing settings that limit the apps that use your exact location. A new notification dot indicates when an app uses your phone camera or mic. 

Level-up your selfies

iOS 14.3 brings in a new Camera App for the front camera. This ensures that your next selfies will shine. There’s a new mirror mode that allows the camera to act as a mirror. This makes it easier to shoot framed and lined-up images.